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Each day we wake up and play the game that society has taught us to play from day one. Indoctrinated into a system that tells us it's fair but shows us it's not. A government that strives to keep the socialites glass of brandy perpetually full. A world where we reach out to show others we care, when we can't even care for ourselves. A place where we use words like happy, equal, and free. Truly how many of us really get to experience these things the way they are meant to be perceived. For these are all states of yes or no, there is no degrees. For the people that think there are. They are the ones we call optimists, they are the ones pushing others down. they are the ones in our way. You shouldn't be sitting around thinking you're happy cause there are people less fortunate then you. Thinking your free cause you live in North America only further shows how long you have been part of the flock that we call sheep.

But like in all great tales told before us when the world seems it's darkest, a single glimmer of light seems to lead the way back to the path of which we so desperately miss. These coming days are to be the ones that will be recorded in text, the ones that will be shared with our children's children. Not a story of how the few stood against the many, but of a tale of how the many took back the right to exist in equality. Of how the words "no more" were filled with meaning again. Where you were no longer judged by the house you had, the money you make or the position you hold. Where respect was once again universal. where you worked a job because you enjoyed it not cause you needed the money just to pay for the next months bill of meagre existence.

Standing here on this precipice, waiting, hoping, expecting. For that day is coming and might not be as far off as most think. The day when society will take that leap, that stride, that bound to what will be called the new evolution.


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